2015 Toronto Project in Review

The 2015 In-Country Service Project took place in Trenčín, Slovakia on 5-6 September 2014. The Wallace Toronto Foundation worked with the City of Trenčín in various parts of the city. In total, 130 volunteers gathered to participate in the project.



Situated in the north west of Slovakia, Trenčin is one of the oldest towns in the country. The magnificent Trenčin Castle sits on the top of the hill, overlooking the idyllic town and the river Váh.

For more information on the city, visit their website here.


The Project

It had originally been planned that the Wallace Toronto Foundation would do some much-needed repainting of guardrails throughout the city. Unfortunately, due to inclement weather, it could not be begun until later in the afternoon. For much of the morning the majority of the volunteers focused their attention to the winter sports arena, and deep cleaning the stands. Volunteers scrubbed the concrete flooring, removed chewing gum from seats and fulfilled other various cleaning needs.

A second, smaller group of volunteers work at the football arena, painting a wall behind the stands and in the dressing room. They also helped repaint the fencing and cleaned the seats in the stands.

Fortunately, in the afternoon, the weather cleared, and volunteers were able to begin on the originally planned project– cleaning and painting the guardrails on the historic Partisan Street (Partizánska ulica).

Despite the adjustments that had to be made by both the city and the volunteers, those involved enjoyed their time serving. “I am always entirely ecstatic here. I love the feeling when we all come together in one place and are joyfully determined to serve and help others.  And when I see that everyone has a smile on their face, I draw a lot of energy and joy from it.” (Volunteer Štěpánka Musialová, Police Officer, Valšské Meziříčí, CZ)