2018 Project In Review

This year’s Toronto Project took place in the Bratislava-area in Slovakia with an inspiring turn out of over 160 volunteers, amassing more than 1000 hours in volunteer service. The Wallace Toronto Foundation partnered with three local organizations, each focusing on the betterment of their community.


2018 participants in the Toronto Project in Bratislava, SK


The Organizations


Detský domov Studienka

Founded in 1951, Detský domov Studienka is not only the oldest facility, but the only of its kind in Bratislava. Their staff of nurses, psychologists, caretakers, social workers and professional parents work tirelessly to fulfill the home’s mission of promoting the creation and existence of alternative family care for children in a variety of situations.


Stredisko sociálnych služieb Petržalka (SSS)

Located in the most densely populated residential area in Central Europe, SSS Petržalka offers their services as a care facility for the sick and the elderly, as well as a refuge for families and children.


Základná škola Fándlyho

Pezinok, a small town located just outside of Bratislava, is home to the Základná škola Fándlyho, a primary school from 1st-9th grade. The school aims to provide students with a safe, healthy, intellectually and emotionally stimulating environment with quality teachers and caretakers. The also seek to enable students to develop skills, abilities and understanding that prepare them for further education, and will allow them to live and work in this ever-changing world.


The Project

With Detsky Domov Studienka, and Stredisko Socialnych Sluzieb Petrzalka, volunteers cleaned windows, painted rooms, revitalized and replanted exterior flower boxes, trimmed trees, and other various beautification projects. At the Stredisko Socialnych Sluzieb, volunteers had the opportunity to get to know some of the residents and even sang them a few songs, which was a wonderful occasion for volunteers and residents, alike.


Volunteers getting ready to repaint the fence at the Detský Domov Studienka


Volunteers ready to lay down carpet at Stredisko sociálnych služieb Petržalka


One of our volunteers mowing the lawn at the Stredisko sociálnych služieb Petržalka


Volunteers at the Základná škola Fándlyho v Pezinku (Fandly Primary School in Pezinok) went to work removing weeds throughout the property, building/repairing flower beds, trimming trees and further revitalization of the area.


Our wonderful group at the Základná škola Fándlyho


We are grateful for all of the volunteers that participated in the project and look forward to next year’s Toronto Project. Without our volunteers (both those who donated their time and those who made a financial donation), we would not be able to create these wonderful projects.