Beluša Project in the Czech And Slovak Republics

The Wallace Toronto Foundation is pleased to report on its first project in the Czech and Slovak Republics.

In partnership with the city of Beluša, Slovakia, the Wallace Toronto Foundation has approved funding for the construction of a park. The land on which the park is located was acquired by the Beluša city government and sits adjacent to a  housing development for young families. The park includes a playground and playhouse for toddlers, play toys for young children, and a basketball hoop and small football (soccer) field for youth. It also includes trees and other greenery as well as park benches for mothers and older adults.

We are excited to note that even in the cold weather, it is being put to good use.  People of all ages, and espcially children have been frequenting the new park.  Some in the city have commented that they had no idea there were so many children in Beluša.  They are all out at the same time with a place to play. The Beluša project was completed in the December of 2005.

Thanks to the many individuals who have donated their time and resources to the Toronto Foundation. Their efforts have helped to make the Beluša project a reality.

The town of Belusa along with the Mayor, the Honorable Vladimir Vadrna, expressed its gratitude for the playground and Family Park upon completion on December 19, 2005.