Center of residential and field social services in Zbůch

The Center for Residential and Field Social Services in Zbuch is a state-funded organization established by The Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic. The center provides regular assistance and social services to those with reduced self-sufficiency, due to age or health related issues. The services offered include professional social counseling, rehabilitation services and courses and seminars for social workers. In addition, the center provides a day care center, professional counseling and housing for the disabled. For more information about The Center for Residential and Field Social Services, please visit:

The Project will take place in Plzen in the town of Zbuch (about 14 km from city center)

  • painting of outside fences
  • painting of stables
  • painting inside the sheltered housing

Volunteers will participate in painting and gardening projects around the compound.

Current information about the project, work, program, accommodation and other details you can find on our website. Information will appear there as we receive them and the website will be regularly updated.

  • Beginning of project: Friday, September 5, 2014 – 7:30pm: Fireside
  • End of project: Saturday, September 6, 2014 – 3:30pm: Project cleanup

Cherry tree collection:
Attendees will receive a t-shirt with the Toronto Foundation cherry tree logo to wear while at the project. For those who have been to past projects, this will be one more t-shirt to add to your growing collection! The color may change, but the logo will always stay. 🙂

Toronto Foundation supporters can contribute to the expenses associated with housing and other necessities either in person or through wire transfer:

IBAN (account number) for Czech Crowns:
670100-2210260432/6210 (mBank)
Recommended donation:
– 175 Crowns/person
– 500 Crowns/family (3 or more family members)
Slovakia: paid in cash on the place
Recommended donation:
– 7 Euros/person
– 20 Euros/family (3 or more family members)